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Health Care

eSolSoft builds familiar Microsoft Windows web based healthcare software that take advantage of the latest Web-based processing technologies. eSolSoft benefit administration software and offer an easy-to-use US based healthcare management software web portal. As a state-of-the-art software program, eSolSoft was consciously designed to help busy medical providers end the nightmare of constantly training themselves and their staff to properly use the software that is so vital in running a successful medical practice. We know the headaches that doctors and healthcare providers can experience when their staff simply cannot learn to properly use the software that run the practice and perform so many simple operations. We know that the front office staff can change and you don’t want to waste time teaching a new assistant how to use the software.

For this reason, we have designed our US based health management information system called eCure to be user friendly, eye-pleasing, and easy to navigate. Almost every aspect of health care has been covered in it. It encompasses marvelous features like Billing, EHR, and Scheduling etc. The trademark of eCure is ease to use. Its usability, efficiency and other magnificent features will make it only be the sole representative in the arena of health care.

eSolSoft’s US based healthcare management systems save time and money for healthcare organizations with unique goals and requirements. Our business analysts listen to your staff so we provide the functionality that perfectly fits your organization. By developing strong partnerships with the healthcare IT industry’s leading vendors, eSolSoft provides seamless, end-to-end healthcare software solutions that wrap around your business to meet your goals.

Click here to see a demo of healthcare system.

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