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Fixed Price Model

Fixed Price Model

Have a long-term project, but the total effort cannot be estimated? Opt for Time & Material Business Model; it’s IDEAL for non-scalable projects!

Support And Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Facing Technical Difficulties? We Can Help You! Our technical Support & Maintenance services simplify the management of your business environment.

Hosting Service

Hosting Service

There are many Web Hosting Services to consider. However, our Hosting Services consistently outrank the competition for delivering performance, security, flexibility, and value.

SEO Packages

SEO Packages

Don’t let your competitors outperform you! Select the SEO campaign that suits your needs and fits your budget best.

Fixed Bid Project

Majority of upcoming or start-up companies have to take on a much economized direction or they run the risk of going over-budget. To avoid this pitfall, you need to develop a systemized strategy. This is where esolsoft comes to rescue by allowing you to jumpstart your business through the fixed bid project paradigm. Because of your practical inexperience, it is extremely difficult for you to come up with a detailed specification. However, if you speak to us, we’ll appoint a Project Analyst, who will help you make a detailed report of specifications, along with the best use cases. Once your requirements are specified, we’ll turn them into a fixed cost and time proposal for you!

Benefits of esolsoft Fixed Bid Projects:

  • Project Development within a Fixed budget
  • Step-by-step professional advise
  • Detailed Specification Provision
  • Project Analyst for guidance
  • Documenting use cases and a comprehensive proposal
  • Deliverance within promised deadlines
  • Quality guaranteed in coding and coding.
  • Free estimates/consultation
  • Maintenance & upgrades.

Our Fixed Bid Project Packages Include:

  • Hosting Services
  • SEO Packages
  • IT Support for:
    • Static websites
    • Database
    • Driven e-commerce stores

As part of our systemized fixed big project strategy we provide affordable and cost effective search engine optimization packages. eSolSoft is an affordable hosting service provider and our team will help minimize your project costs with the help of a skilled project manager.

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