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About us

eSolSoft is an emerging company encompassing the main areas of ERP and health care systems. Its products in these fields outshined all its contemporaries. The marvelous features of these products are ease to use and compliance to user requirements. eSolSoft believes in quality and commitment due to which it stands alone in the arena of healthcare and ERP.
eSolSoft is also one of the leading service providers for customize soft wares for different businesses. It provides collaborative business solutions to all types of industries, markets and organizations. Through years of experience and industry expertise eSolSoft has gained efficiency in offering globally acceptable and user-friendly enterprise solutions which are flexible, secure, highly scalable and are adaptable to diverse business process and technology requirements.
eSolSoft ERP can automate all the functional areas of your organization. In fact eCure has been designed in such a way that it facilitates the physicians in a very easy and efficient way

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